Benchmark Your Computer’s RAM with MaxxMem2

The performance of a typical Windows PC depends on a number of factors. Apart from the software, the hardware has to be configured correctly to make the rest of the components perform at their best. For example, even if you invest in a high end motherboard and GPU but use the cheaper memory modules (also called RAM or physical memory), then this one component alone will reduce the overall performance of your system. And then again, the components might wear out over time. You might have to upgrade your RAM memory modules if they are not performing well.

There are many memory diagnostic tools that come with Windows PC, but they mainly diagnose serious problems (read/write errors) of the RAM. If you want to benchmark your computer’s memory then you can use the MaxxMem2 program. It is a portable program that can put your RAM modules go through various types of stress tests and display the results.


When you first launch MaxxMem2 it analyzes the hardware configuration of your PC and it might look frozen for a couple of seconds. Then it will display the details about the CPU, operating system and the memory modules in use. If your motherboard has more than one RAM slots and some of them are unused, then it will display “unknown” memory for those slots.

When the MaxxMem2 window is ready, you can click on the Start Benchmark button to start the testing of the installed memory modules. It is a good idea to close all the program before starting the benchmark, but it is not necessary. The program runs data copy, read and write tests on the installed memory as well as the memory latency tests. You can compare the results for your memory with other using the Comparisons function from the menubar.


MaxxMem2 is a small but useful memory benchmark utility. It accurately tests the installed memory for copying, reading and writing speeds. You can compare and find the best available RAM modules to improve your system performance.

You can download MaxxMem2 from—preview.php.


  1. I think this website is down. I’m seeing quite a few links to the older v1.99 version, but having more trouble getting the 2.x version that is supposed to have been released.

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