Create Chromebook Recovery Media in Windows or Mac

When the kids finish their school education and go to study in the university, parents usually buy a notebook computer for them. And it really comes handy when researching about different things, engaging in team work with other students and trying to complete a project. A few years ago, Apple Macbook was the most popular for this but now many parents are preferring the Google Chromebook for their college kids. The main reason behind this is that Chromebook based notebooks are cheaper and are always ready for almost any task thrown at it.

Like any other OS, Chromebook computers may also encounter problems that could prevent it from booting properly. Now you can create a Chromebook Recovery Media on any other computer running Windows or Mac easily so that you can use the recovery media to fix the Chromebook. Here is how:

  1. On your Windows or Mac computer install Chrome browser if you have not already done so.
  2. In the Chrome web browser, visit the Chrome Recovery Utility app page and install the app inside the Chrome.
  3. Launch the Chrome Recovery Utility from the chrome://apps page.
  4. Attach a USB flash disk or a memory card to your PC and click on Get started button.Chromebook Recovery Utility
  5. Choose the Chromebook model you are creating the recovery media for. You can type in the model name or choose the model from the drop-down list. Proceed by clicking on the continue button.Chromebook Recovery Utility
  6. Choose the memory card or the USB flash disk from the list and proceed by clicking on the continue button.Chromebook Recovery Utility
  7. It will show you a summary along with a warning about erasing the contents of the flash disk or memory card. Finally, click on the Create now button to start downloading the recovery media image and copying it to the selected disk.Chromebook Recovery Utility
  8. Depending on your internet connection, it might take some time before the media is ready and you can use it to fix your Chromebook related problems.

If you have already download the recovery media image from somewhere, then you can prevent re-downloading of the image and select Use local image by clicking on the gear-like icon in step 7 above. This way the recovery media can be created without having to downloading the data over and over again.