Fixing “Damaged SD Card” Error in Android

So I bought a new micro SD card and tested it in my Macbook Air to find that it was working really great. Then I inserted it in the micro SD card slot of the Android phone, rebooted the phone and it gave the dreaded error “Damaged SD Card – SD card is damaged try formatting it”. But it was working fine in the Macbook? Apparently, the Mac had formatted the SD card with its own file system and now it was taken as damaged in the Android phone.

An obvious resolution to the problem is that you format the SD card in Android. But wait, this will wipe out all the files, documents, videos, music etc., from the micro SD card. You should first plug it back into your Mac, backup all the contents to a temporary folder and then format it inside the Mac itself.

Damaged SD Card Error

In order to format the SD card in the Mac in such a way that it can be recognized in the Mac, Android and Windows all, you can open the Disk Utility from Applications → Utilities and then select the SD card from the list on the left. Choose the Erase tab, select format type MS-DOS (FAT) and then click on the Erase button.

Damaged SD Card Error

You can also format the SD card using the FAT filesystem using a Windows or Linux computer, but make sure that you backup the SD card contents before proceeding.

Once the SD card has been formatted using the FAT filesystem, you can copy all the files back to the SD card and use it in your Android system. This time, it should have no problem getting recognized as soon as you boot the Android phone.