Need for Speed : Most Wanted is Now Free on Origin

There is hardly anyone who has not grown up playing the Need for Speed franchise games from Electronic Arts. As a teenager, I used to wait for the next version of Need for Speed games. I still have dozens of the NFS series installation disks stacked up somewhere in my house. If you also love to play racing games or a fan of the Need of Speed franchise in particular, then you would be thrilled to see that Electronic Arts has made the Need for Speed : Most Wanted available for free through Origin. But it is free only for a limited time, so you have to grab your free copy quickly.

Need for Speed : Most Wanted

In order to claim your free copy of the Need for Speed : Most Wanted, you can launch Origin and search for the Need for Speed games. When you have located the Need for Speed : Most Wanted, click on the “Download Now” button and it will be added to your library of games. You do not have to  finish downloading it to your machines. You can download it any later time once it is in your Origin account.

Need for Speed : Most Wanted

Electronic Arts have been offering many free games through it’s On the House program, where comparatively older games (but not very old) are offered for the free (free as in free beer). All you have to do is download the Origin software on your PC/Mac , register for a new Origin account and claim those games. Personally, I have download Origin and created a new account purely for the Tomb Raider and the Need for Speed series of games.

You can find more information on the Origin web site :