Share Paul McCartney’s Music on Skype This Valentine’s Day

The legendary musician and singer Paul McCartney is going to make this Valentine’s Day very special for you and your beloved partner. Not because he is going to release a new album or he is going to perform in a new concert, but because he is going to compose the music for the Skype messages that you can send to your special someone. Sir Paul McCartney, as he always does, is not giving his fabulous music just like this, but the music comes packed together with a set of love emojis (or love mojis as they are being called by Skype).

Skype Love Mojis

If you want to send a message to your beloved partner on the Valentine’s day morning, then you can use the Skype app and make the message much more especial with the the love mojis. As you start to type a message in Skype, just tap on the heart icon and then select the Love Mojis section. You will find many interesting emojis here – Sumo Cupid, Excited Lover, Be My Valentine, In Love, Flirting, Solo & Loving it, Tangles in Love, Crush on you, Hug and Miss You.

Skype Love Mojis

In case you are wondering whether the music that accompanies these emojis is taken from the Paul McCartney’s older music collection or whether he has especially composed this music for the Valentine’s day, then you will be surprised to know that he has actually worked with the Skype artists to produce the music and make this day very very special for you. You can check this video about how hard Sir Paul has worked on this:

So what you are waiting for you, fire up the Skype app and send the message loaded with the lovely music of Paul McCartney to your loved ones. They will definitely appreciate it.