File Blender : Portable File Format Converter for Windows

File formats are very confusing when you work on different computers or different programs. One file format works with one program but another program wants the same file in a different program. Then there are mobile phones or tablets that refuse to identify the file formats of a certain type. For all these reasons, you have to sometimes convert file formats of one type to another. This is where File Blender can bring you some ease and comfort as it is a free portable file formats conversion tool for Windows.

You can copy this portable tool anywhere on your PC or on a USB flash disk and use it anytime the need of file format conversion arises. The tool makes it very easy to convert file formats through a very convenient drag-n-drop interface. You have to drag files on the small File Blender window and it will instantly display all the options available for that file format. Basically, it will display the file conversion formats and an option to encrypt/decrypt the file.

File Blender

File Blender supports format conversions of all the popular video files, image files and audio files. Additionally, it can also split and join PDF files, it can optimize PNG images, it can minimize Javascript/CSS files, tidy up the HTML codes and offers encryption for all kinds of files.

File Blender

If you want to add your own actions with portable utilities that love to use everyday, then it is also possible with File Blender. All you have to do is copy the tools binary files to a sub-folder and defines the command line and other settings inside an INI file. All the instructions are given in the Actions\_sample sub-folder of File Blender.

You can download File Blender from