How to Keep Playing Videos in the Background in Android

When watching videos in your Android phone, if you accidentally touch the home button or the back button, the phone goes back to the Android’s home screen and the video stops playing. This is very frustrating if you are watching a very scary movie and something is about to happen. But if you use the VLC Media Player app in your Android phone, you can keep playing the videos in the background even if the home button is accidentally touched or even if you switch off the screen.

First step for making this happen is to install the VLC Media Player app in your Android phone. And if you think it is too much to install this app only for this feature, then you should know that VLC is the only media player that is able to play all kinds of media files. So it is a good idea to keep VLC installed in your phone for other features provided by it as well.

VLC Plays Videos in Background

After this, you have to open the VLC Media Player menu and then select the Settings from the menu. Then from the settings screen, you have to enable the option labeled Play videos in the background.

Once this option is enable, you can start playing any video file using the VLC media player. Now if you switch off the mobile phone screen by short-pressing the power button or if you touch the home button and go to the home screen, the video will not stop. It keeps playing and you receive notifications on your Android lock-screen as well as in the notification area.

VLC Plays Videos in Background

Conclusion: VLC media player is able to keep playing the videos in the background so that you can enjoy them even in the events of accidentally touching the wrong buttons. But if you have a relatively smaller capacity battery in the phone, then perhaps you should not use this feature.

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