Lunascape Orion : Web Browser with Three Switchable Engines

There are many web browsers and they all use one or other web content rendering engine to display the web content properly in the browser windows. Google Chrome and Opera use Blink as their engine, Firefox uses Gecko engine, Microsoft Internet Explorer uses Trident, Apple Safari uses WebKit and so on. Some of these engines are available as open source software while others are proprietary engines. The way and how fast they render the web content makes people fan of one of another of these web content rendering engines.

Since one browser uses only one engine, usually you have to make a compromise when deciding the browsers or the rendering engines used by them. But if you want more than one engines in the same web browser, then you can use the free Lunascape Orion web browser. This browser uses three engines that you can switch through easily from the settings. The three engines used by the Lunascape Orion web browser are Trident (Internet Explorer), WebKit (Apple Safari) and Gecko (Mozilla Firefox).

Lunascape Orion

The Lunascape Orion web browser comes without any of these engines. It uses the Internet Explorer’s Trident engine from Windows as usually a copy of the Internet Explorer browser is installed on your PC. But the rest of the two engines (Gecko and WebKit) have to be downloaded from the Internet during the installation. If you choose not to install these engines, then Lunascape Orion will use only the Internet Explorer’s Trident engine.

After installing Lunascape Orion browser in your PC, you can quickly switch its rendering engine from its settings. In the browser settings, you can find the engine related options under General Settings. You can choose the Default engine from Gecko, WebKit and of course the Trident. The changes take effect after restarting the browser.

Lunascape Orion

Lunascape Orion is great for people who want to experiment with different rendering engines to see how they render various web pages and which elements are supported by them.

You can download Lunascape Orion from