Manage Everyday Tasks Visually with To Round App for Android

Back in the days of feature phones, I used to trust in the old fashioned task lists composed of a small piece of paper on which you could dribble down any task you want. The method still works, but times have changed and now people love to flip out their smart phones and see what tasks remain unfinished instead of looking for that crumpled up piece of paper in one of the pockets. If you want to manage everyday tasks using your smart phone then To Round can give you the advantage of the visual appeal.

The To Round app allows you to display all tasks in form of circles or bubbles – large and small, having various colors, and to each of these colors or sizes is attributed a special meaning.  For example, if a job related task is much more important than the others, then you would choose a larger bubble having the red color. On the other hand, if you want to put a task in the back burner then you can use a smaller bubble.

To Round Tasks List Manager

When you add a new task, you have choose one of the tags (or categories to which task belongs), the task & its details, reminder time or the postponement time and of course the bubble size. The color of the bubble is defined by the tag you choose. If at any later time when you have finished the task, you can mark the task completed.

To Round Tasks List Manager

The visual approach really works as the more imminent or important tasks having larger bubbles are displayed at the very bottom of the screen (as if they have more weight) while the less important tasks are close to the top of the screen. This helps you focus on the more important or imminent tasks much more efficiently. But if you do not like the bubbles, then To Round allows you to view the classic text based tasks list too.

You can get the To Round Tasks List manager app from