Stay Safe Online with Avira Web Protection for Firefox

Avira, the maker of the free Avira Antivirus, is one of the very well known and highly respected names in the field of computer security and antivirus research. Even if you are not using their antivirus products on your PC, you can still keep yourself well protected by using their browser extension for Firefox called Avira Web Protection. This very same extension was previously knows as the Avira Web Safety extension. It provide you with four main features – protects from malicious sites (safe browsing), tells you of the trackers being used on a site (privacy protection), shows you alternative deals on online shopping sites (price comparison) and protects you from unwanted bundled software (PUA protection).

The safe browsing module simple checks the URL of every website that you visit and shows a green/red pull-down bar at the top of the web page. The color is green for safe sites and red for malicious attack sites. You can also click on the Avira icon in the toolbar to display a full screen safety rating and the number of trackers being used for the current web site.

Avira Web Protection

When you search for something on one of the main search engines (Like Yahoo and Bing), it displays the safety rating of all the links displayed in the search results. In addition, if you search for a product available on online shopping sites, then it will also show a deal available for it.

Avira Web Protection

When you visit an online shopping web site and check one of the products, it displays the price of the same product on alternate online shopping sites that are providing the same product with a much lesser price tag. This price comparison feature can really save a lot of money if you are a regular online shopper.

Avira Web Protection

All in all, Avira Web Protecion is a very helpful security add-on for the Firefox web browser. Not only it protects from harmful sites, it also provides you with online shopping deals without any effort on your part.

You can get the Avira Web Protection (formerly Avira Browser Safety) from