Try Makeup with Augmented Reality Inside Web Browser

Augmented reality is the exciting branch of computer science that blends the reality with the artificial intelligence creating something that can surprise the best of us. Every year augmented reality is entering deeper and deeper into our lives one way or another. These days the consumer goods companies are not leaving any stone unturned for bringing this new technology closer to their consumers. FaceCake, a US based company, is the leader in this technology and they have brought forward an app that can be used to try out jewelry or makeup at home without needing any special equipment.

If you have a webcam then you can try new makeup from inside your web browser. FaceCake’s technology will be used by many companies in the future as they license it to multiple firms. But Cargo Cosmetics has become the first to make use of this augmented reality powered web app on their online store.

FaceCake Makeup Augmented Reality

In order to use this web app, you have to visit the Cargo Cosmetics web site, where they are offering lipsticks and eye shadows to be tried live on your images. Clicking on any of these try-out banners, you will be taken to a web page where you have to select the Try option.

Now you can upload your front facing picture (JPEG or PNG preferred) to the Cargo Cosmetics website. You can also use your webcam instead for live video feed. The web app is very intelligent and is able to detect the location of your lips or eyes automatically no matter if you are smiling, pouting or just have a poker face. Then you can go about applying all the available lip sticks shades or the eye shadow colors. The makeup is instantly applied in your image which you can then share on social networks.

You can visit the Cargo Cosmetics site to try out their makeup through the web browser at