GiliSoft Disk Cleaner : Analyze Disks & Delete Junk Files

While everyone instantly thinks of CCleaner when they talk of cleaning junk files from their Windows PC, there are other similar programs that can perform equally as good for cleaning your PC storage off the undesired files and reclaim the disk storage space easily. The freeware GiliSoft Disk Cleaner is one of these programs that promises to analyze the disk space usage in your PC and clean the junk or obsolete files.

Gilisoft Disk Cleaner offers a very simple user interface where you can basically select one, more than one or all of the disk partitions (volumes) and then click on the Scan button to start scanning the disk storage for junk files and zero-byte files.

GiliSoft Free DiskCleaner

The results are displayed dynamically as it goes through each of the disks and partitions. When the disk cleaning is completed, you can check each of the files in the list to see whether you want to delete it or not. If a file is to be deleted, then it should be checked otherwise it has to be unchecked. Clicking on the Clean button will remove all of these selected junk files.

GiliSoft Free DiskCleaner

In the Disk Analyzer section, you can see how and which type of the files are taking up space on any of the selected partitions. After a partition is analyzed, it displays a list of number of files along with their category, storage space take up by them and the percentage of disk space used by them. This is useful if you want to find out how many audio files, document files or video files are on your disk partition.

GiliSoft Free DiskCleaner

Conclusion: While not as comprehensive as CCleaner, Gilisoft Disk Cleaner is pretty fast junk file remover tool for Windows. It presents you with simplicity by not bothering you with tons of options and can be used to clean the junk files or analyze the disks space in any Windows PC.

You can download Gilisoft Disk Cleaner from