Grabilla Captures Screen into Images, Animations and Videos

Grabilla is a new software that helps you capture the contents of your screen into images, GIF animations or videos. It is available for various popular platforms like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. They also offer extensions for web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. You can also use Grabilla to capture a scrollable screen like a long web page in your web browser. What makes Grabilla different from other screen capture tools is its ability to capture the videos simultaneously with the image captures.

After installing the Grabilla software in your computer, you will find a Grabilla system tray icon as well as a floating Grabilla icon on your desktop. You can click on either of these to bring up the capture menu and start capturing the screen. The same menu can be used to access the already captures images or videos.


The small Grabilla window can be used to switch from one type of capture to another – screenshot, animated GIF, ScrollCapture or video. If you want to capture a region of the screen, the small window displays a zoomed up view of the area around your mouse cursor to help you carefully select the region. On the side of this small window, you can find controls to capture the full screen, a region or to open the Grabilla settings.


The next steps depend on the type of capture you choose. In case of the image capture, your entire screen or a selected region of your screen is captured. Grabilla also offers a basic image editor that can be used to annotate your images. You can save the images as PNG files.


If you choose the video capture, then you are shown a small dialog where you can choose the video quality – low quality, normal quality or a custom frame-rate. You can also choose to include the sound from your microphone with the captured video. I used the normal quality and I was really impressed with the quality of MP4 video captured by Grabilla not to mention the small file size of the video file.


In addition to saving captured files locally on your hard disks,  you can also create a Grabilla account and upload the captures automatically to cloud storage. This makes sharing your captured files with friends or public very easy.

Conclusion: Grabilla is a very smart and versatile screen capture utility for Windows. It is able to capture screenshots, videos, GIF animations and scrolling screens without any problems. You can save the captured files locally or over the cloud storage.

You can download Grabilla from

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