Install Missing Drivers in Windows using Snappy Driver

Device drivers are special programs that act as a bridge between the hardware and the operating systems. Without the right device drivers for a piece of hardware, the operating system would not know how to connect and setup an interface with that hardware. For example, without the proper device drivers, you cannot really connect to your printer and use it. The same applies to many other peripherals.

While the Windows operating system comes with some generic device drivers that can work a variety of hardware, sometimes you need the specific drivers developed by the hardware manufacturer for making the most out of your peripherals or devices. Moreover, the manufacturers also keep releasing updated versions of such drivers with a promise of improved performance, security and stability.

Snappy Driver Installer

If you want to quickly check if any of the devices in your PC can be updated to a new device driver version, then you can use the Snappy Driver Installer freeware. This program checks your PC for missing or outdated device drivers and allows you to perform an update to the latest available versions for free.

Snappy Driver Installer is available in two editions – full version that is around 4GB in size and can be downloaded only through torrents and the lite version that is only 4 MB in size. The different between the two is that the full version contains all the popular device drivers packages while the lite version downloaded these packages from the internet as and when needed.

Snappy Driver Installer

In addition to updating the drivers, users can also create a restore point and backup their existing drivers. Snappy Driver Installer is ideal for PC technicians for fixing Windows computers having driver problems. It can also be used for installing drivers after a fresh install of Windows operating system on newer systems.

You can download Snappy Driver Installer from