Keep Important Files Safe with Ashampoo Backup for Windows

If you have ever found yourself in a situation where your files were lost, got corrupted, ruined by malware infection or were accidentally deleted, then you know the importance of keeping regular backups of your files. In fact, many of us understand the value of a good backup software only after such a mishap has already occurred. If you plan wisely ahead of time for keeping your important files safe through the use of a backup software, you will have nothing much to worry even in the case of hardware failure, data corruption or any similar instance.

Ashmapoo Backup can be your choice for your regular backup requirements. This software is designed keeping the needs of the average Windows user in mind and offers very easy to use interface. The free version of the program does not have any complicated functions like encryption or password protection but that only makes it easier to use.

Ashampoo Backup

You have to configure the backup by specifying the source folders,  destination folders and the backup frequency and you are all set. In the event of any need for restoring the files from the backup, you can use the Ashampoo interface once again. But sometimes in the case of total system failure when you are not able to launch Ashampoo Backup, you can still manage to restore the files as the backups are all saved in form of virtual disk images (VMDK). You can mount this backup images in any Windows PC running Windows 7 and above, and then choose the files you want to recover or restore.

Ashampoo Backup uses incremental backups instead of full backups which saves the hard disk space consumed by the backups. Moreover, the software supports very large capacity storage disks, so that you can keep the backups for a long duration without having to delete the older backup files. However, it does not support cloud based backups, but that is okay if you have a large storage media.

Conclusion: All in all, Ashampoo Backup is an easy and efficient solution for regular backups. It can work in the background and does not consume too many system resources. In the event of total system failure, it comes with a rescue disk that can be used to restore your system back to the working condition.

You can download Ashampoo Backup from