Make Android Ask for PIN or Password at Boot

When you buy a new smartphone, you usually do not think of protecting the data stored on it in the event of theft, robbery or loss. You are too overjoyed playing with your new toy to think about the data security, but you should take some time out and think of these things as well. Taking a few steps in time to will save your data from reaching the hands of the criminals or strangers if your phone gets stolen or you forget it somewhere. Fortunately, if you have an Android smartphone, it is extremely easy to lock it down with a PIN or password and make it ask for the same at the boot time.

This option (ask for PIN or password at start) is available only in Android Lollipop and newer versions. Once enabled, it will ask for the password (or PIN) during the system boot-up process before loading any network or disk related functions making it impossible for a potential hacker to break into your device and steal any data. Here is how you can proceed for enabling the option:

  1. Open Android settings and then open the Security section in the settings.
  2. Select Screen lock and then choose either the PIN or Password.Ask PIN or password at Android start
  3. On the next screen, you should choose the option Require PIN to start device. Of course, if you have decided to use a password, then it would read something like Require password to start device.Ask PIN or password at Android start
  4. Enter the PIN or password whichever you have decided to use to protect and proceed.
  5. The next screen will ask you whether you want to display the notifications when your device is locked. Choose one of the options and touch on the Done button.Ask PIN or password at Android start
  6. Now if you restart your device, it will ask for the PIN or password at the starting screen and refused to go any further until you enter the right one.

Android is considered much more secure than some other mobile operating systems. But you have to configure it the right way to make the most of what Android has to offer.



  1. Another way to set this up is to RESET YOUR DEVICE leading to this option to setup or skip. My Android 7 Insignia device did anyways. I was doing the RESET anyways.
    As to the replies here: It also has Smart Lock so the Screen password/PIN can be SKIPPED if at home, or near a device (router) or recognizes your FACE or VOICE instead. Setup a BOOT password then use Smart Lock – unless you have a snooping little brother around.

  2. It seems the article steps do not apply to Android 7.0 Nougat.
    My Nokia 3 misses “Require PIN to start device” option… it’s already encrypted by default.
    any comment?

    1. Same problem here….but I need this Require PIN to start device option! I had it on other brand, Android 7 device.

      Anyone can help how to add Require PIN to start device for Nokia 3?

  3. I’ve tried this a few times, so far it just sits at the boot animation (I’d rather see what it’s doing!) display and never asks for the pin.

    I get the feeling after reading a lot of other posts that this feature has major bugs.

    Android 6.0

    Any pointers to posts on xda about developer mode and tracing boot progress?

  4. Hello sir your blog is just awesome …. i have set and done with everything now i want to remove it …. i know the pssword so i can i remove it ??

      1. Hi,

        What of I do not have step 3 and still want to disable it?
        i.e. (it never asked me if I want it to require password on boot)

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