Scanahand : Scan Handwriting to Create Fonts

Scanahand is a Windows application that takes all the hassle out of the font creation process. Typically if you want to create a new font, then you would have to use a complicated program like BirdFont and painstakingly draw each letter and each symbol to be included in the font using a graphics editor program. But Scanahand makes everything easy – all you have to do is write all the letters and symbols that you want to include on a piece of paper, scan it and load it in Scanahand. This clever little program handles the rest from creating the font to installing it in your Windows PC.

You can create a new font using the Scaanhand software in just three steps. In the first step, you have to select the character set for the font (basic set, extended set, dingbats or signatures ) and then take a print out of the character sheet.


In the second step, you have to write down each of the letters, symbols or other characters on the paper sheet that you have just printed out. The paper sheet has specific space for each of the characters and you have to write it carefully in the space provided only.

Finally, in the third step you have to scan the paper sheet into a JPEG image and then load it in the Scanahand software. After this you can ask Scanahand to generate a font based on the scanned paper sheet data. You can adjust the metrics if you want. Scanahand allows you to save this newly created font in the form of web font or in the form of a true-type font and install it in your PC.

Conclusion: Scanahand is the easiest way to create your own font using either your handwriting. It can save the fonts as true-type fonts for desktop PC usage or as the web fonts that can be used on websites.

You can download Scanahand from