Screencastify for Chrome Records Desktop, Tab or Camera

Recently I came across a new modernized version of the ages old Snake game on the website The game is pretty much the same in which a snake keeps growing longer and longer as it eats goodies, but the new version of this game makes it interesting as other online players are also playing simultaneously. Finding this Snake game very interesting I decided to record it and share with my friends. Fortunately, the Screencastify extension for the Chrome browser made it extremely easy to record the game-play into a video file.

The Screencastify extension for Chrome allows you to record the activities of your desktop, a tab open in the Chrome browser or the video feed coming from your web cam into a video file that you can either upload to your Google Drive account or save on the local storage disk. After the installation, it asks you to setup the Screencastify extension for three things – voice and camera recording, destination for saving the recordings, and whether you want to allow individual tab recording or not.


After the setup is complete, you can proceed and record the contents of your screen using the Screencastify. To record the screen, you have to click on the Screencastify icon in the Google Chrome browser’s toolbar. This will show you a simple options screen where you can choose the source of the recording – tab, desktop or camera, whether you want to record microphone or system audio, video related settings and so on. You can even record the contents of the screen and embed the camera video feed inside a rectangular block in a corner of the finalized video.


Clicking on the Start Recording button will initiate the recording. When you are done with the recording, you can click on the Stop Recording floating button to stop and save the recording to a pre-selected destination. Immediately after this, the video starts to replay so you can see what you have just recorded.

Conclusion: Screencastify can be used as the universal video capture tool that can record the screen activities in Chrome, on desktop or from the Camera. But since it is an extension inside the Chrome browser, it takes a little more of the system resources. For a smoother experience, you may need at least a quad-core processor and a decent graphics card.

You can get Screencastify for Chrome from