Syncovery : Sync Files and Create Backups

Syncovery is a cross-platform backup and file synchronization tool that supports cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and more. Unlike some client software available for these cloud storage services, Syncovery comes with encryption support so that all of your files are encrypted before they are uploaded to these cloud storage services. In addition, it can also use any standard FTP account for the backup of your files. On the synchronization front, it can handle all kinds of syncing tasks – replication, one way sync, two way sync, backup, update etc.  It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Syncovery uses latest technology for creating backups for example the partial file updates or block level backup. Block level backup ensures that only the changed portions of a large files are copied over to the backup destination. This means that even when a large file is changed, only a few bytes are needed to be uploaded to the cloud storage – saving the internet bandwidth.


Real-time syncing feature of the Syncovery software is essential if have to instantly sync the changed files between two locations using either the one way sync or the two way sync. Real-time file sync runs in the background and monitors the source files for any changes and as soon as any changes are detected the modified files are synced quickly. This is useful and convenient for very fast syncing needs.

Syncovery comes with a job scheduler of its own. You can schedule specific backup or file syncing tasks using this built-in scheduler. With the scheduler you can run multiple tasks at any time you want. You can even run many jobs simultaneously if that is something you want to do.

All operations performed by the Syncovery software can be made to be highly secure using the encryption ciphers available. In addition, you can also compress the files and pack them into ZIP archives to save the storage space as well as the internet bandwidth.

You can download Syncovery from