How to Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

Believe it or not, the Internet is full of trolls. You post something on facebook or twitter, soon it is bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of colorful comments. The people who post these offensive comments have really nothing better to do in their life and perhaps never ever go out of their house. And these trolls are everywhere, even on Instagram. If you are being the target of the trolls and are facing a large number of hateful or offensive comments, then you can temporarily disable the Instagram account until those trolls find something else that interests them. Besides the trolls there could be many other reason for temporarily disabling the account, for example, privacy concerns, vacation break, distraction during exams, creating a second account and more.

Here is how you can temporarily disable the Instagram account:

  1. Open Instagram site in a web browser preferably on your PC. Login to your Instagram account.
  2. Click on the Profile icon near the  top-right corner and when your Instagram profile opens up, click on the Edit Profile button.Temporarily Disable Instagram Account
  3. Select Edit Profile section from the left side, scroll down the web page and then click on the Temporarily disable my account.Temporarily Disable Instagram Account
  4. You will be asked a reason why you are disabling the account. You do not really have to choose any reason, but if you provide one then perhaps this will help the Instagram team to understand why people disable their account.Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

You can disable your Instagram account only once per week. When you disable your account, it become hidden for all the users. In order to re-activate the account, all you have to do is login once again to your Instagram account and start using it.