InstaSaver for Android Saves Instagram Media Locally

Instagram and Snapchat are two apps that the young generation just cannot live without. If you look around everyone seems to post their selfies and other pictures on their Instagram account. Instagram allows you to snap the pictures and record short duration videos right from the app itself. But such pictures and videos are not locally saved, if you have not configured Instagram to save them to the local storage before posting them on the Instagram account. If you later want to download these pictures or media, then unfortunately Instagram does not give you any options through its official app.

Good news is that there are other third party apps available that allow you to save the the Instagram media from your account or from the account of your friends to your phone’s local storage. The free app InstaSaver for Instagram does exactly that. Using this app to save any Instagram media is very easy too.

InstaSaver for Instagram

First of all you have to open the Instagram app and find a media that you want to save. Then tap on the vertical ellipses icon (more options menu) located on the top-right corner of that media. From the options shown, choose Copy Share URL to copy the post URL for that media.

Now pull down the notification bar in your Android phone and tap on the InstaSaver shortcut present there. This special shortcut allows you to paste the Instagram URL quickly into the InstaSaver app. Alternatively, you can launch the InstaSaver app and tap on the Paste button to paste the URL.

InstaSaver for Instagram

If you want to see the media in the InstaSaver app, then you can tap on the Show the Content button to view the media content that the pasted URL points to. But this is not really necessary. You can tap on the Save Image or Save Video button to start downloading the media. You can later locate this media from under the “Downloads” section.

You can find the InstaSaver for Instagram app from