Prevent Data Leakage from PC Using Gilisoft USB Lock

You must have seen those action movies where the protagonist sleuth breaks into the bad guy’s home or office and tries to copy the secret files on a USB flash disk. Actually that happens more often in real life than you can imagine. For a myriad of reasons, people might want to steal your data from your PC as soon as you walk out of your office or you leave our computer unattended. Some of them even might want to install a spyware software on your PC so that they can remotely control your computer. But all this can be prevented by simply locking the USB devices, optical disk drives and some other peripherals that could be used to copy data from or to your PC.

Gilisoft USB Lock is an easy to use software that can be used to lock the access to USB devices, optical disk drives, printers, Bluetooth devices and more (despite the USB in the software title). By locking the USB devices, you can be sure that nobody can walk into your office and copy spyware in your PC or steal your secret files by transferring them on to the USB disks.

Gilisoft USB Lock

During the installation, Gilisoft USB Lock asks you to set a master lock password that would be used to unlock or lock various devices later on. After a quick reboot, Gilisoft USB Lock will be ready to lock or unlock your USB devices. From the software management panel you can disable USB reading, disable USB writing, disabling accessing Android or iPhone devices, disable SD card readers etc.

Gilisoft USB Lock

But Gilisoft USB Lock is not limited to disabling only the USB devices. It also lets you block websites, programs, and other peripheral devices. In order to block sites, you have to open the Website Lock section, click on the Add button and then enter the website URL without the protocol prefix (http:// or https://).

Gilisoft USB Lock

Similarly, you can block programs by going under the Program Lock section and then selecting the registry editor, task manager or the remote desktop management programs. You can also click on the Add button and choose one of the running processes in your PC.

Gilisoft USB Lock

Conclusion: Gilisoft USB Lock can be useful in the scenarios where you cannot afford to password lock your Windows PC, but still want to disable USB devices and other peripherals. By locking these devices, it can thwart possible attempts to steal your data from your PC.

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