Windows 10 Dominator : Manage Privacy Settings from One Place

When Microsoft offered Windows 10 as a free upgrade to Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1 users last year, everyone rejoiced and readily opted for the upgrade. But soon it was discovered that Windows 10 has so many programs and components that send a feedback about how you use your PC to Microsoft servers. After that everyone became very cautious about upgrading to Windows 10 and turning off various settings in Windows 10 if they actually upgrade to the new operating system.

Now almost one year has passed and nothing has changed – Microsoft has actually become more aggressive about advertising their products via Windows updates and hiding the privacy related options much deeper into a pile of settings. If you want to be able to manage those privacy settings from one place instead of hunting for them in dozens of locations, then you can use Windows 10 Dominator tool.

Windows 10 Dominator

Windows 10 Dominator is an open source tool that allows you to manage all the privacy settings in Windows 10 that are otherwise difficult to configure. You can manage various privacy, telemetry, location and other miscellaneous settings using this small program.

Under the privacy settings, you can toggle the search bar results, use of your advertising ID by apps, sending feedback to Microsoft, logging of keystrokes, and asking for your feedback etc. You can also switch off telemetry data collection, connecting to Microsoft telemetry servers, prevent the apps from requesting your location, turn off SmartScreen filter and more.

Windows 10 Dominator

All of these settings are available somewhere in Windows but Windows 10 Dominator allows you to easily control them from its interface. However, if you want to manually change these settings in Windows, then you can click on the more.. shown next to each of the settings in Windows 10 Dominator. For example, if you click on more.. displayed next to the SmartScreen filter setting, then it opens Windows settings window where you can manually modify the setting.

You can download Windows 10 Dominator from