Glassbrick Makes Zooming Screen in Windows Very Easy

Glassbrick is a very productive and useful Windows utility that adds some features that should be present in Windows to start with – smoothly zooming in and out the PC screen, tracking the mouse cursor to the desktop content in focus, changing the screen color to make it easy on the eyes and so on. As if these features are not enough, they have made Glassbrick a completely portable program – meaning that you do not have to install anything in your PC at all – just download the Grassbrick program on your PC and make use of the tons of useful features that it provides.

Glassbrick places an icon in the Windows system tray and you can double-click on it to open the various program related settings. Basically, you can configure the hotkeys and mouse combinations using which you an control the screen zooming, cursor tracking and screen color variations that Glassbrick provides.


Under the Zoom section in the settings window, you can modify the speed of zooming, the amount of maximum zooming and the various keyboard shortcuts used for it. By default, you can use Alt+D+1 for zooming in, Alt+D+2 for zooming out and Alt+D+ ~ for zooming back to the normal level.

Similarly, under the Tracking section, you can choose how Glassbrick can help you track the mouse cursor. This setting works along with the zooming of the screen. Using various modes, you can focus the screen to the cursor when zooming in or out of the screen. You can choose the hotkey Ctrl + ~ to switch between these tracking modes.


If you find it a difficult to read the contents of the screen, then you can change the screen colors using the Color setting in Glassbrick. The various color modes include inverted colors, tinted screen colors, saturated colors, contrasted colors etc. You can further customize some of these modes in the settings and switch through these color modes using the hotkey Alt + ~.

Conclusion: Glassbrick is not an ordinary screen magnifier application. It offers so many features and options but at the same time makes everything easy to control using a range of keyboard shortcuts.

You can download Glassbrick from