Manage Pictures in Android Phone with Slidebox

With a digital camera equipped in every smartphone these days, people keep on snapping pictures everywhere they go. If they do not find something interesting around them, then they flip the phone and take their selfies. With so many pictures being taken everyday, it becomes a real chore to manage and arrange all these pictures properly. Most of us keep procrastinating for days and months, and this results in thousands of pictures taken at random in being amassed in your phone. By now, even the thought of trying to arrange and sort these pictures becomes scary.

Fortunately there is an app called Slidebox to help you sort through the seemingly unmanageable piles of pictures stored in your phone. The app lets you create multiple categories or albums in which you can place your pictures. The app displays the set of instructions for using it when you launch it for the very first time. There is an option to create a Slidebox account that promises to manage your pictures across various devices, but it is not really needed if you have physical access to all of your devices. As of now, the app does not support any external SD cards and can access pictures from the in-built phone memory only.


It displays one picture after another on your screen and you can either delete the picture by swiping it up or place it in one of the albums by dragging it down to that album. You can have as many albums as you want. Swiping the screen to the left will bring the next photo. If you tap on the trash bin icon, it will empty the trash bin and finally delete all the pictures you had intended to delete by swiping them up.


Conclusion: No matter how many pictures you snap using your phone’s camera, you can manage and categorize them all easily using the Slidebox app for Android.

You can download Slidebox app for Android from