Remotely Clean and Manager PC with CCleaner Cloud

When you think of cleaning the gunk and web browser use history from your PC, the first name that pops up in your mind is CCleaner. It is a software that has become very popular with PC users over the years and can be used to clean all kinds of junk files and other data left behind by Windows or other applications. Piriform, the company that develops Ccleaner, also produces some other useful software like Recuva (a data recovery solution) and Defraggler (used for defragmenting the disk drives). And now they have designed the cloud based version of the CCleaner software called CCleaner Cloud that allows you to remotely run all the functions of CCleaner and Defraggler on your PC.

To start with CCleaner Cloud, you have to first visit their website and sign-up for a new account. They offer many plans, but the basic plan, intended for the home users, is free. The free plan of the service allows you to add a maximum of three computers.

CCleaner Cloud

After this, you can install the CCleaner Cloud Agent on your PC and login to your account through this agent software. As soon as you login to the account, it will ask you to confirm the adding of the computer to your CCleaner Cloud account.

CCleaner Cloud

Once the confirmation is done, you can login to your CCleaner Cloud account from anywhere in the world in any web browser and have access to the CCleaner, Defraggler and other tools to manage your PC. Your PC does not need to have the CCleaner or the Defraggler software installed on it – the CCleaner Cloud Agent software manages everything.

CCleaner Cloud

Since anyone having an access to your CCleaner Cloud account can perform these operations on your PC, you should choose a very strong password for your CCleaner Cloud account. You can use our PassGen tool to create a very strong password for this purpose.

Conclusion: CCleaner Cloud takes PC cleaning a step further into the future. Now you can manage and clean all your computers remotely through a web browser. This is useful both for system administrators who can access all the computers in their network from one place and for the busy home users who like to clean their home PC while taking a train to work.

You can visit the CCleaner website at