ClockBlocker Makes AMD Graphics Cards Run at Full Power

How would you feel if your car suddenly drops the speed down to 10 miles per hour in order to save the fuel even if there is no traffic on the road in front of you? PC gamers get the same feeling when their graphics cards automatically drop the clock frequency in order to save the power. AMD graphics cards have this automatic power saving feature built inside and there is no option to turn it off. When these graphics cards try to save the power, the game performance suffers and you can actually feel this if you are playing a GPU hungry game.

A free program called ClockBlocker can help you out if you are annoyed by these frequent power downs and frequency drops. What this little program does is that it makes the GPU run at the maximum power so that your games can harness all of its power.

ClockBlocker installs a small icon in the Windows system tray and you can access its settings from there. In the settings, you can add or edit the rules used by the program. There are three basic settings it comes pre-configured with – block the power saving of GPU frequency when a full screen program is being run (most of the games are played full screen), not block for non-full screen 3D programs and by default allow down-clocking.


Whenever you need to manually change the default action for the ClockBlocker, you can access the context-menu from the system tray icon and choose one of the quick actions. You can either change the default action to block the power saving feature or allow it to down-clock the GPU to save power.


Conclusion: ClockBlocker is an ideal solution to get all the power from your AMD graphics card when playing computer games. It uses many advanced techniques to make your GPU run at the full power.

You can download ClockBlocker from