Control Mouse and Keyboard in Windows Remotely from Android

So last night my good old HP keyboard decided to die on me quietly. My Apple Macbook Air is already at the local repair shop because of the broken screen. So I was pretty much left out with only my Android phone. At midnight shops are all but closed, so I decided to turn my Android phone into a remote control so I can finish my report in time. There is an app called Mouse and Remote Control that helped me do it within a few minutes.

The app requires you to install both an app in the Android phone as well as an application in the Windows  PC. Typically you would start by installing the Android app which gives you the website URL from where you can download the server software for the Windows PC.

There is nothing much else you have to do. As soon as both the PC and the Android phone are connected to the same WiFi network (just connect them both to the same WiFi router) the arrangement starts to work. In the Android app you can choose mouse input, keyboard input, or shortcuts used frequently in  Windows. You can also control the media players, or shutdown Windows through this app – this makes it an ideal app for watching movies or late night TV shows on Netflix.

Mouse and Remote Control app

On your Windows PC, you can change settings to make the server start automatically with Windows, protect server access through the use of a PIN (you will be asked to enter the same code in the Android app), change mouse or keyboard settings, choose the default media player and more.

Mouse and Remote Control app

Conclusion: Mouse and Remote Control app can help you control your Windows PC remotely over the WiFi networks. This can bring temporarily relief when your physical input devices stop working.

You can download the Mouse and Remote Control app from