Flashboot Turns any Media into Bootable USB Disks

Now that USB flash disks are everywhere and the older type of media like CD/DVD have become almost obsolete, people want to use USB flash disks for everything from storing the files to creating bootable OS install disks. The Flashboot software can be helpful if you also want to create a bootable flash disk using one of the other types of disks. It can convert CD/DVD, USB disks, Floppy disks, mini operating systems (Free DOS, SysLinux, Grub4DOS etc) into a bootable USB disk. Furthermore, it can also install fully-functional Windows 8/8.1/10 to USB pen drive (so that you can boot Windows straight from USB on any PC and carry your OS, your apps, your documents and your web browser in your pocket. You can then use this flash disk to boot Windows on computers in in the public library, in school, at work and other places).


Flashboot is a portable software, so you do not need to install it on your PC. Just attach a USB flash disk to your PC and then launch Flashboot software. The software has a wizard style interface and takes you from one choice to another in each step. Typically, you have to choose the media conversion method you want (CD to USB, Floppy to USB, USB to USB etc), choose the source media, choose the destination USB flash disk and then proceed to creating the bootable USB disk. Flashboot formats the destination USB disk using the multi-format method which makes it very easy to be recognized by all kinds of BIOS/UEFI. You do not have to choose the USB partition style at the BIOS screen.


This small program supports all the popular operating systems, including but not limited to Windows XP, Vista, 7 and various Linux distributions. FlashBoot is an extremely useful software for the users of notebook and netbook computers that were not equipped with a CD/DVD drives or have a non-working CD/DVD drive. The application works with all types of portable devices (USB flash drive, memory card or external hard disk drives).

You can download Flashboot from http://www.prime-expert.com/flashboot/.