Track Goals and Make Habits with HabitBull for Android

You stand on the weight scale and realizing that you have mysteriously gained many pounds of extra weight, you decide to cut down on sweets and go for running everyday. However this routine does not last for long. If you have a coach or guide to check on your progress and keep you motivated, then everything becomes so easy. But When you are trying to reach some goals on your own, then it becomes very hard to stay on track for more than a week. Fortunately, you can use an app called HabitBull to keep track of your goals, habits and everyday routines.

In the HabitBull app, you have to add one or more habits (or goals) before you can track them. You can tap on the add habit button and then select one of the categories that describes your habit. For example, if you want to achieve a goal to reduce your weight then you can choose the “Fitness” category, if you want to remind yourself to drink water and keep yourself hydrated then you can choose he “Drinking Water” category and so on.


You have to assign a new name to the newly added habit – this name should aptly describe the habit but you can also add a description for the habit. There is also the options for deciding the frequency of the habit – everyday, only some days, only a set number of days, keep repeating etc. You have to choose the total number of days for the full period of the habit for it to succeed.


Once the habit is added, you have to launch HabitBull app every day and mark that day as success or failure. Over a long period of time, you would be able to see how many days you missed to perform the routines necessary for the habit to be successful. If you miss to mark any day, the HabitBull will show a reminder notification until you perform theĀ  necessary steps related to the habit.


You can get the HabitBull app for Android from

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