Connect Remotely to Windows Desktop with Supremo

Microsoft Windows comes with its own remote control features, but you have to go through a number of steps to configure and make it ready to accept the remote connections or to connect to the remote computers running Windows operating system. Then there are third party programs like LogMeIn Hamachi or Radmin that require you to install the software on both the computers (the remote computer you are connecting to and the one you are using to connect to the remote computer). If you do not want to install anything and still want to be able to connect to remote Windows computers then you can use the free Supremo software.

Supremo is a simple and easy to use remote control that can be used for remote desktop control, access or assisting the users in need. It can be a really great tool for the service providers who want to change settings, install software or repair a client’s computer remotely.

You do not have to configure anything or install anything on your or the remote PC for the Supremo to work. The way it works is that first the user on the remote Windows PC runs Supremo in the portable mode (it asks whether you want to run it or install it when you launch it). It will soon give the remote user an ID and the password.

Supremo - Remote Desktop Connection

Then the remote user will tell that ID and password to you. You will also launch Supremo and enter that ID and password that the remote user has provided. This will connect your PC to the remote computer so that you can access and control their PC easily. The ID for a computer remains same across different sessions but the password changes each time you launch Supremo.

The remote desktop is opened inside a window with a small toolbar to provide with different controls including options to send/receive files and text chat with the remote user. By default Supremo runs with the SYSTEM user privileges and this is why you can make changes to the remote user, but the remote user can disable this option from the Supremo settings so that any accidental changes can be avoided – it can be enabled it again when you are ready to make some changes.

Conclusion: Supremo is a portable and powerful remote desktop connection tool. It does not require any configuration or installation and sparingly uses the system resources.

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  1. Anydesk information is incorrect. You do NOT have to install the application. It gives you an option to do so when you close the program, but it is optional.

    1. I have used it before and for some reason I had to install AnyDesk for making it work. But I have updated the article. Thanks 🙂

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