Control Windows PC with Your Voice Using VoiceBot

The traditional way of controlling your PC is through the keyboard or the mouse. In the recent years the advent of the Bluetooth enabled keyboards and mice have made life easier as now you do not have to stay close to your PC – you can take the wireless input devices and control PC from the comfort of your couch or bed. But you can make it even easier by controlling your Windows PC with your voice through the help of a free program VoiceBot. With this program, you can control your PC and give it commands by voice.

VoiceBot is not just another text-to-speech application using which you can type through your speech. But this application can be used to speak commands out loud to send actions to your games or other programs. You can use your voice to type keyboard shortcuts, click and move your mouse, and execute macros and scripts that you have recorded earlier.


When you start VoiceBot, it gives you option to download ready made profiles so that you do not have to assign voice command to the actions. The VoiceBot pre-made profile repository contains profiles for hundreds of game and programs. The profiles are available for multiple languages too – for example, profiles for controlling Google Chrome are available in three different languages.

Moreover, you can also create or edit profiles, record macros and scripts to control various applications by clicking profile drop-down list box and then selecting New profile. After this, you can add as many macros as you want to be acted upon specified voice commands. The profiles can be saved under any name you like. You have to load specific profiles to control particular games or applications. But it also allows you to add global macros that work across all the applications and games.


Conclusion: VoiceBot allows easy control of your PC using your voice. It provides you with ready-made profiles for hundreds of popular games and programs so that you do not have to waste time creating your own.

You can download VoiceBot from

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  1. Do not download Voicebot!!!!!
    It roots through your system, phone, computer and tables. Takes photos every time program is open and often takes random photos with short video clips.

    STAY CLEAR!!!!

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