Enjoy Online TV on PC Using MiraxTV for Windows

When the internet became popular back in the mid 90’s, people did not have access to high speed internet connections. After the really slow age of the dial-up internet connections, when DSL was first introduced, the internet based radios stations became very popular. It is the same time when the well known media player for Windows – Winamp became a favorite of millions of PC users as it came with a list of thousands of online radio stations built inside it. Now we have internet connections available with the download speeds of multiple Mbps and it is no secret that now you can watch movies and TV shows online in very high resolutions using paid services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc.

But very few people know that some of the very popular TV stations are available for free on the internet. Most of these TV stations are available on their respective web sites. If you are looking forward to watch these free TV stations on your PC, then an application called MiraxTV can make things easier. MiraxTV is a program that contains a gallery style list of all the TV stations available for your pleasure. You can click on the back and forward buttons to go from one page of the TV channel list to another.


Clicking on any of the TV channel’s thumbnail will open that channel in your default web browser where it will start to show you the TV channel. Some of the TV channels do require you to install Adobe Flash Player while other can be watched using the latest HTML5 video in a compatible web browser. All of the TV channels are available in really high definitions and can be switched to the full screen mode.


Basically MiraxTV is just a list of all the online and free TV channels available for you to watch. But it also contains some extra links, for example, link to the Le Monde french newspaper site, to the CNN website and so on.

You can download MiraxTV from https://sourceforge.net/projects/miraxtv/.