FireFTP : Full Featured FTP Client for Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox web browser is known for two things – strict measures towards making the web browser the most secure browser in the world and featuring millions of browser add-ons to extend the browser functionality. You can search for any keyword in the Mozilla add-ons repository and sure enough, there are dozens if not hundreds add-ons available for that. One of these add-ons that is very popular with the Firefox users is the FireFTP. Even though it comes as a browser add-on, it is, in fact, a full featured FTP client that can compete with any other FTP client available today.


FireFTP places an icon in the Firefox toolbar clicking on which you can access the FireFTP interface. Just like any other FTP client, you have to first create an FTP account where you have to enter the host name or IP address of the server, enter username and password, and also specify the port number if the FTP port of the server is not 21 or 22. If you manage a web site and your web hosting provider allows FTP server access then FireFTP also offers special web host related features. In addition, you can also enable the passive mode as well as the IPv6 protocol which is now getting popular with the web servers and FTP servers.


Once you have configured the account, you can select it from the drop-down list that shows all of your configured accounts and then click on the Connect button. The server folders shall be displayed to the right side while the local folder will be displayed on the right side. You can upload or download files as you would usually do through any regular FTP client like FileZilla.


Conclusion: FireFTP is a full featured FTP client that gets integrated into the Firefox web browser and allows you to transfer files over FTP, SFTP and encrypted FTP protocols.

You can download FireFTP for Firefox browser from

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