Listen N Write is Free Portable Transcription Tool for Windows

When I watch news on the television and look at those reporters protruding their arms carrying a smartphone towards people saying something, I always think that print media news reporters are the ones who have benefited more from smartphones than anyone else. Now they can record the statements, conversations or the entire interviews on their smartphone and later type it out, as opposed to the hastily writing it down on their notepad like they used to do before the mobile phones came with a sound recorder app. As far as the transcription (typing out what is being said by listening to the audio recording) is concerned, there is a free tool called Listen N Write that can make things easier for you.

Listen N Write is a portable free tool for making it easy for your to transcribe the audio recordings. Unlike a regular media player, this app plays the audio recordings by pausing it every few seconds so that you get enough time to type everything down easily.

Listen N Write

You have to open the audio file by clicking on the big folder icon and it will start to play the audio file. You can then start typing what you hear in any text editor of your choice. Clicking on the smiley icon will switch it to the “Smart Pause N Play” mode which pauses the audio playback every few seconds so that you can type everything comfortably. You can also reduce the playback speed if you cannot keep up with the audio playback.

The program comes with an audio recorder tool using which you can record the dictation. This audio recorder can use your computer’s microphone to record the sound and save the files in the uncompressed WAV formats. But if you have any basic mobile phone, it is much better to use those to record the sound using their own sound recorders.

Listen N Write

Conclusion: Listen N Write is a productive transcribing application. It supports many different media files that you can playback at slow rate or playback using the smart play-n-pause mode.

You can download Listen N Write from