Mosaizer Lite Turns Pictures into Photo Mosaics

A photo mosaic is a picture that has been divided into small rectangular tiles (just like in a jig-saw puzzle) and each of these tiles are then replaced with other pictures. If you look at the photo mosaic from a distance then it closely resembles the original photo that was broken into multiple tiles. There are many different photo editing programs that can take your photographs and turn them into photo mosaics. For example, we have earlier reviewed the software PhotoMosaique that is able to do the job. Another software called Mosaizer Lite is also capable of creating photo mosaics from your photographs.

The free Mosaizer Lite software comes with two libraries of tile pictures (rainbows and food) that can be used to create the mosaics. You can download more libraries from the Mosaizer Lite website. In order to create the photo mosaics, you have to select a source image file and then select the picture library. After this, you can adjust the number of tiles, tile size, tile quality, and the distance between the two tiles if you want – however, using the default options produces good enough photo mosaics. After this, all you have to do is click on the Create mosaic button and it will generate the photo mosaic for you. The time taken to generate the photo mosaics is only a few seconds and depends on the hardware configuration of your PC.

Mosaizer Lite

You can zoom-in and view the small picture tiles clearly that were used to generate the mosaic. You can print it on your printer or save this photo mosaic in the image format (it supports saving in JPEG, BMP, GIF and PNG ). If not happy with the results, then you can always click on the Original picture and start the process all over again.

You can download Mosaizer Lite software from