Nox App Player : Play Augmented Reality Android Games on Windows PC

Pokémon Go is very popular smartphone game and is available only for the Android and iOS platforms. But what if you do not want to play it on your smartphone and would rather play it on your Windows PC? In that case, you can use the free Nox App Player. It is another Android OS emulator available for Windows operating system. But unlike many other similar software, it offers all the possible features that you would find in only a real Android device. For example, it comes with features like GPS and gravity sensors.

Nox App Player is available for both the Windows and Mac operating systems. If you visit the Nox App Player’s website, it will automatically detect your OS and offer a relevant download file. The download file for Windows is around 300 MB in size. But it does not come with any games, you will have to download the games from the internet after starting the emulator.

Nox App Player

This emulator is extremely fast, is based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat and supports all the possible features of Android that you can imagine. The interface looks like any standard Android KitKat based tablet, but you can switch it to the full-screen mode when you are playing games or editing files. It also has settings that allow you to configure the CPU and RAM usage shared by other programs and by the Nox App Player so that you can multi-task much more efficiently.

Nox App Player is specially configured to play the games like Pokemon Go, Subway Surfers, Real Racing, Clash of Titans and more. It allows you to play using a game controller, any standard USB mouse or the keyboard. All you have to do is connect your game controller to your PC and then start Nox App Player, it will be ready to use immediately.

Conclusion: Nox App Player focuses on making it easy for everyone to play Android games on their Windows or Mac computers. Installation and setting up the games are very easy and support for game controllers and GPS features enable you to play augmented reality or location dependent games on your PC.

You can download Nox App Player from