Personal Backup : Create Backups Protected from Ransomware

Now-a-days, a special breed of malware called ransomware has become a big nuisance. The ransomware works by encrypting your important files and then demanding ransom money to be sent over to the cyber-crooks in return of decrypting the files once again. For a long time, the habit of creating regular backups of your files has stayed a strong defense against malware infections. But the ransomware infection could encrypt your backup files too and leave you without any options but to pony up to the criminals. There are only two ways to protect your backups from the ransomware – either create an offsite backup (on a different computer, portable disk, on the cloud storage etc.) or to use Personal Backup software to create access restricted backups.

The free Personal Backup software is like just any other backup software for Windows and allows you to create manual or schedules backups. You start by defining the source and the destination folders, time schedule, backup options (like compressing into ZIP and password protection) etc. The software offers you an easy wizard mode for this, but you can also use the manual configuration for creating backup tasks.

Personal Backup

Once a task has bee configured, you can just launch Personal Backup anytime you want, select the backup task file and click on the Start Backup button to start the backup process. If you have scheduled the backup, it will be automatically started when the scheduling conditions are met.

Personal Backup

But what about the ransomware protection? Personal Backup offers a special program called PbStarter.exe specially for this. What this program does is create the backups with the credentials of some other user account (you have to create a user account in Windows for this). Because the backups are being creating using the access credentials for a user account other than the one you use to login into Windows, they cannot be over-written by a possible ransomware malware – hence, protecting them from ransomware encryption.

Personal Backup

Conclusion: Personal Backup is a simple, feature rich and powerful backup software with ransomware protection for Windows users. It could save your backups from being encrypted by the possible ransomware infections.

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