Vopt Helps You Defrag and Optimize Disk Drives

In order to fully use the space available on a hard disk, Windows stores the files in fragments if not continuous space is available for a file. This fragmenting of files keeps increasing with time as you continue to use your computer. There is nothing wrong with fragmenting, except that it can increase the file access time in the hard disk drives and to a certain extent in the solid state disk drives too. You can use a free tool called Vopt to defragment and optimize your storage disks to make them a tad faster.

Vopt offers two types of defragmenting – quick defragmenting and defragmenting with tighter packing. You can  select one of the disk drives from the drop down menu and then choose any of these methods to defrag the disks. Moreover, you can also use the batch defrag option that allows you to run the defragment at a pre-scheduled time and shutdown the computer afterwards.


But before defragmenting actually starts, you should clean all the unnecessary junk files from your hard disk. Otherwise, it is only going to lengthen the defragmenting process as Vopt will process all of those junk files too. In fact Vopt contains a cleanup tool of its own and you should run it before trying to defragment any of the disk drives. You can click on the Cleanup button to start cleaning of internet history, cookies, junk files and such.


But Vopt is not just a defragmenting tool, it is much more than that. It contains tools like Zap free space that you can use to wipe the free space on the hard disk. This is essential for keeping your privacy when letting others handle your hard disks.


Conclusion: Vopt allows you to defrag your disk drives quickly and optimize them to bring out their peak performance. Additionally, it contains tools to clean junk files, wipe free space, and check disk for various errors.

You can download Vopt from http://www.vopt.com/.