Avira QR Scanner : Protects You from Malicious QR Codes

No matter where you go, the QR codes are everywhere to be seen. You can see them on product packages, in advertisements, in magazines, in newspapers, in the malls, in schools and so on. The reason behind their popularity is that they can contain any URL of your choice and make it easy for everyone to visit those URLs. Unlike before you do not have type in the URL, you can just scan a QR code in your smartphone and it will automatically open that URL in your web browser. This is really helpful and some organizations and companies have found innovative ways of using the QR codes, for example, Microsoft Windows 10 now shows QR code on the BSOD (blue screen of death) screen, some restaurants use QR codes to help their customers reserve a table, some cab companies put QR code on their cabs scanning which takes you to cab booking app download site and many more like this.

But some people are also abusing the QR codes and try to post malicious QR codes in public places. If a unsuspecting person scans this QR code in their smartphone, it takes them to install malicious app in their phones. To prevent such malicious QR codes from causing any damage in your phone, you can use Avira QR scanner app. After installing this app, you have to get in the habit of using this app for all of your QR code scanning needs.

Avira QR Scanner

Avira QR scanner uses your phone’s camera to instantly scan any QR code and check its content for any harmful or malicious links or codes. As soon as it scans and verifies the QR code, it vibrates your phone so you know it has done the job. It can then check the URL and tell you if the link is safe or unsafe. All the links are scanned using AUC (Avira URL Cloud).

In the settings for the Avira QR scanner, you can choose if you want it to vibrate or make sound when a code is scanned. You can enable the AUC (Avira URL cloud) which contains a database of phishing and malicious sites. You can also choose to store duplicate results (the same code scanned more than once).

Avira QR Scanner

Conclusion: Avira QR Scanner can prevent you from the attack of malicious and phishing sites or maliciously designed USSD codes from being executed on your phone. It is essential for every smartphone owner who frequently scans QR code from public places.

You can download Avira QR Scanner for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avira.qrcodescanner.