Boost CPU Performance in Windows with Project Mercury

More likely than not, you have a multi-core CPU in your notebook or desktop computer. The older single core processors are a thing of past. The newer multiple core processors provide you with so much power but the Windows operating system does not allow you to control which application gets more power. And in addition, Windows also tries to save a little bit of power by putting some of the available CPU cores in the standby. To unleash all the possible power from your multi-core CPU, you can use the free Project Mercury software.

Project Mercury helps you tweak your Windows’ computer’s settings so that you can make the maximum use of the CPU power available. You can use it make all the CPU cores running all the time and to prioritize one application over another. It is a portable tool, so you do not have to install anything and can use it on any Windows PC by launching it from a USB flash disk.

When Project Mercury is running and you launch any other application, it is assigned the highest process priority so that it can run as smoothly as possible. When you put the same application in the background, its process priority is reduced so that more of the system resources can be made available to the applications in the foreground.

Project Mercury

Apart from the automated memory and CPU usage management, it can also be used to forcibly clear the memory taken up by all the applications in the background or the ones that are minimized to the taskbar. For this you can right-click on the Project Mercury’s system tray icon and choose Clear Memory.

In the settings for the Project Mercury, you can make multi-core optimizations, make it reduce resources claimed by an application when it is minimized and make it boost the PC performance by disabling CPU core parking. You can also choose one of the templates like Desktop, Server, Multi-tasking, Server etc. These templates are useful to automatically choose proper settings for your PC depending on how you use your computer.

Project Mercury

Conclusion: Project Mercury can be used to optimize the Windows settings to make the most out of your multi-core CPU. It can automatically manage the CPU and system memory consumption to make programs run much more smoothly.

You can download Project Mercury from