How to Duplicate and Pin Tabs in Edge Web Browser

Edge, the new web browser from Microsoft, which is not so new anymore, has many new features that you cannot usually find in some other web browsers. These features can make your web browsing life much easier if you are in the habit of opening dozens of websites in different tabs all at once. For example, Edge browser can help you quickly duplicate a website which could be something you want to do if you want to proceed with the same site in two different manners (imagine filling up an online form with different details could become simpler by duplicating the website with partially filled form).

In order to duplicate a tab in the Edge browser, you can just right-click on the tab and choose Duplicate from the right-click menu. This will instantly open a new tab to the right side of the selected tab and duplicate the contents of the old tab in the new tab. If you have entered some information in text boxes or some form, then that information will also be duplicated. You can use this method to clone the same tab as many times as you want.

Duplicate Tabs in Edge Browser

Another useful feature in the Edge browser is the pinning of the tabs which is very similar to the pinning of applications or programs to the Windows’ taskbar. If you want a webpage to stick in the tab bar of the Edge browser through multiple sessions, then you can pin the tab containing that webpage. In order to pin a tab, you can right-click on that tab and choose Pin from the right-click menu. Now that pinned tab will stay there even if you close Edge browser and start it later. When you do not want that tab to be pinned anymore, you can unpin that tab in the similar manner.

Pin Tabs in Edge Browser

Conclusion: Edge browser can be convenient for people who open multiple tabs and access dozens of websites at the same time. And you will find the features of the duplicating and pinning tabs very handy in that case.