How to Use 3.5mm Audio Jack Headphones with iPhone 7 or Moto Z

Smartphone manufacturing companies seem bent on killing the ages old 3.5mm audio port that became popular in 1970’s when Sony first introduced Walkman. Now they are trying to replace the 3.5mm audio jack with the newer USB type “C” port that can do many more things than the older USB ports. Earlier the low budget smartphones like the Motorola Moto Z and LeEco Le 2 Max were ditching the 3.5mm audio port in favor of the USB type “C” port. And now Apple has also unveiled their new version of flagship phone – iPhone 7 without any 3.5mm port. In fact, iPhone 7 comes with Bluetooth powered earbuds that require recharging when they run out of battery charge. So now you not only have to worry about charging the phone battery, but also the earphone batteries too.

If you do not want to throw away your older headphones that use 3.5mm audio jack or do not want to use Bluetooth powered earphones, then you can buy a simple USB type “C” to 3.5mm audio port adapter. It is small cable – around 2 inches in length and had USB type “C” connector on one end while 3.5mm audio port on the other end. You plug it into your smartphone and then you will be able to attach your headphones on the other end of the cable.

USB Type C to 3.5mm Audio Adaptor

You can use this on both Android based phones like Moto Z and iPhone 7. But there could be some minor differences in how different manufacturers design the adapters. Therefore, you should buy iPhone ready adapter for your iPhone while Android ready adapters for your Android phones. I personally bought the adapter from Amazon for only $6.99 and it seems to be working fine on LeEco Le 2 Max. I still have to test it on iPhone 7 when I get any chance to do so.

Even though you can continue using your old headphones having 3.5mm audio jacks using this adapter on newer smartphones, you should keep in mind that sooner or later you will have to adopt the newer USB type “C” ports for your audio listening requirements. The sooner you adopt to the newer technology, the faster you would be able to become familiar with it.