TidyTabs Brings Tabbed User Interface to Every Program in Windows

As far as I remember, the tabbed browsing interface was first started by Mozilla Firefox sometime during the last decade. And soon every other web browser adopted this feature. Tabbed user interface in a web browser makes it very easy for you to group together all the websites you are accessing instead of looking for all the different browser windows scattered all over your Windows desktop. Now you can have the same tabbed user interface in any program’s window using a free program called TidyTabs. This programs adds tabbed user interface to all Windows’ programs (including both the traditional applications and the apps) and allows you to group them together.

After you have installed TidyTabs in your Windows PC, you will have tabbed user interface for all the applications. By default the tabs are invisible if the applications are not grouped together. You can hover your mouse pointer over the top-left corner of any window to see this invisible tab.


In order to group two windows together, you can drag-n-drop this tab on another window’s tab. The two windows will then display tabs and you can switch from one to another by clicking on these tabs. You can keep grouping more windows in a similar manner. You can right-click on any of these tabs to close one tab or all the other tabs or close all the tabs.


In the settings for the TidyTabs, you can choose the transparency of tabs in active windows, inactive windows and during the mouse-hover. You can make it automatically start with Windows, check for updates, auto-hide single tabs, auto-hide tabs in full-screen mode (when an applications becomes full-screen) and more.


Conclusion: TidyTabs can be productive for people who have to manage a large number of open windows at work. It can be used to group together some windows using the multi-tab interface that everyone is familiar with.

You can download TidyTabs from http://www.nurgo-software.com/.