Windscribe : Free VPN and Firewall for Windows

Windscribe is a newcomer in the field of VPN proxy providers for Windows users. It offers 10GB of free data per month for everyone who takes an extra step to verify their email address. Like all the other VPN proxy service providers it can be used to hide your actual IP address from different websites and other servers that you connect to when chatting over Skype, downloading files, communicating through email messages and so on.

Moreover, the Windscribe VPN comes with a Firewall feature that blocks all internet activity if you get disconnected from the VPN servers. This is great if you trying not to reveal your online identity. Suppose you are browsing a website while your PC is connected through a VPN server and in the middle the connection to the VPN server drops. Usually now your real IP address will be instantly revealed to the website. But if you have enabled Windscribe Firewall, it will block all internet connectivity until it establishes the connection with the VPN server once again. This way you stay hidden behind the VPN server all the time.

The VPN service is available in form of an installable software for Windows. It uses the popular OpenVPN Tunnel driver for channeling your data through the VPN servers. When you launch it for the very first time, it offers you to create a new account if you have not already done so. You get 2GB free data per month and it can be extended to 10GB per month for free just by verifying your email address.


After you login to your account it automatically connects to a random VPN server. But you can change the VPN server from a long list of available servers. Some of these VPN servers are available only for the premium account holders. You can also toggle its firewall if you want to use those services for an added layer of VPN protection.


After connecting to the VPN server that you have selected, it changes the external IP address for your PC. You can see this new IP address in the Windscribe window itself. But you can also visit a website like to check whether your external IP address has changed.


In the settings for the Windscribe VPN where you can choose to auto-launch the Windscribe VPN at Windows logon, auto-connect to recent VPN server, allow LAN traffic through its firewall, etc. You can also choose a default mode for the connection mode for the VPN as well as the firewall.


Conclusion: Windscribe VPN is a little different from some other similar VPN providers as it contains extra protection in the form of a firewall to prevent accidental exposure of your real IP address. It offers 10GB monthly data which is enough for most users, but is only available for Windows operating system.

You can get Windscribe VPN from

One thought on “Windscribe : Free VPN and Firewall for Windows

  1. I’ve had Windscribe VPN for 5 months. A couple days ago I used it for about an hour, and when I was turning it off I was told that I had used 487mb in that session. Immediately after
    that I went to my ISP’s internet page, opened my personal office’s section and found out that I had used 380mb in the last 24hrs. How can this be? There’s no sence for my ISP to lie to me since I have Unlimited Access plan, and figures are given just to inform me. There’s sence for Windscribe to cheat me that I exaust my free monthly 50gb quicker and stop loading their servers, or even better buy a subscription. Previously, I also noticed several times that Windscribe traffic statistics were strangely high. If Windscribe isn’t honest in smaller things, which I believe is the case, how can you trust them at alll?
    Yesterday I accidentally deleted my e-mail from the Windscribe account, and my limit dropped to 2gb/month. I tried to restore things and re-entered the e-mail. Was told I’d receive a confirmation message. After waiting for 13 hours filled a ticked. This is what I got back, copy-pasted: “Just letting you know that we received your support request, its quite excellent, one of the best ones we’ve seen, good job!” There was nothing special about my support request and the way I put it, so these words are mockery. On one hand, I’m not surprised, because I’m a free user. On the other,
    I’m shocked at how shamelessly ugly customers are treated, paid or free. I believe Windscribe to be a lousy, cheating, rude company. Who knows who they share your personal data with. Think twice before using their product.

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