A Sharper Scaling : High Quality Image Upscaling Software

There are hundreds of programs available for free online that can be used to downsize the images and make them smaller without losing any quality. But the programs that can enlarge the size of the images or upscale them without much loss in the quality are a rare find. The “A Sharper Scaling” is one of such programs that boasts of upscaling the images without losing much detail. It does not use the traditional methods of pixels manipulation to achieve the resizing of the images, but uses its own in-house methods to create sharper enlargements of the source images.

The “A Sharper Scaling” software has a very easy to use interface which offers a wizard to help you walk you through the steps. You can select a source image either from the clipboard or from an image file on your storage disks. After this, you can choose the sizing method, a desired size or the scaling factor and then click on the next arrow button.

A Sharper Scaling

After the resizing of the image, you are shown a comparison on the next screen. You can see and compare each portion of the image as resized using the proprietary methods of “A Sharper Scaling” against some of the traditional image scaling methods like pixel repetition, bilinear interpolation, bicubic interpolation or a combination of these. If you are not satisfied, then you can go back and choose another set of resizing options (the scaling factor, the scaling method and the target size).

Just like there are two ways to select a source image for the “A Sharper Scaling” software, there are two ways to save the final product of the scaling operations. You can either copy the resized images to the clipboard or save them to a location on any of the local storage disks.

A Sharper Scaling

Verdict: A Sharper Scaling offers a unique way of upscaling your images with a much better quality output compared to some other traditional methods often used for resizing the images. It can be useful for blowing up some of the smaller images when such a need arises.

You can download A Sharper Scaling software from http://a-sharper-scaling.com/.