How to Password Protect Files in Android With Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is a new file manager app for Android that has gained immense popularity over past some months. It offers many features like the ability to use the root privileges if they are available in your Android device (in other words, if your device has been rooted previously). Many of the Android gurus that I know have been recommending Solid Explorer over another popular file manager ES File Explorer. In the new version of this app, it has come up with new features to encrypt and password protect your files so that only you can access them after supplying the correct password.

All the files encrypted by the Solid Explorer are assigned a special file extension .sec and you can just tap on them (from within Solid Explorer) to decrypt them with the correct password. Here is how you can encrypt your sensitive files in Android using Solid Explorer:

  1. Open Solid Explorer app and select the files that you wish to encrypt. You can select one or more than one files.
  2. Tap on the ellipses to open the Solid Explorer menu and then select Encrypt from there.Solid Explorer Password Protect Files
  3. Supply a password to encrypt the files. You should choose a strong password if your data is very sensitive. You can also choose to remove the original file if you want to (recommended).
  4. The encrypted file shall be saved in the same folder as the original file with an extension “.sec” appended after the original file’s name.Solid Explorer Password Protect Files
  5. At any time later, you can open Solid Explorer, tap on the “.sec” files, enter the correct password and access them as usual.

Conclusion: The file encryption features of the Solid Explorer app for Android might come in very handy if you have some private or sensitive files that you wish to hide from other people’s eyes.

You can download Solid Explorer app for Android from