Keep Sensitive Files Hidden with Secret Disk for Windows

Secret Disk is a free software for Windows that can create a virtual hidden disk in your PC. You can access this hidden disk and copy your private files inside it, but it stays invisible to other users. All the files inside the secret disk are protected and can only be accessed after supplying the correct password. This way your private files and folders can stay both invisible from all the other users who might use your PC as well as they stay protected because they are hidden from general view.

Some other similar software that also create a hidden virtual disk in Windows require that you format your hard disk or they make many changes to the boot sector of the hard disk. But this is not required for the Secret Disk software. Without formatting or modifying the boot sector of your hard disk, this program can create a new disk very quickly.

Secret Disk

After this virtual disk is created, you can choose to make this disk invisible, including all of the files or folders inside it and protect it with a password. You can store any number of the files or the folders on the disk. This newly created secret disk works just like any other regular hard disk and can be used by any other programs installed on your PC. For example, you can use it to create and save backups of your private files.

What is more that you are not limited to just one virtual secret disk. You can actually have more than one secret disk and you can also choose a different disk letter for each of these secret disks. Whenever you have to access these secret disks, you can enter the password in the Secret Disk interface and make them visible for your use.

You can download Secret Disk from