Know About Android Smartphone Sensors with the Sensors Multitool

Every Android smartphone comes with some sensors that provide some basic information for some special operations or for some features to work. For example, if your Android phone comes with a GPS sensor, then it can communicate with the the hundreds of satellites hovering thousands of meters over us to get the data about the longitude and latitude coordinates and pinpoint our exact location accurately. The location feature in the Android operating system works only if this GPS sensor is present in your phone. Similarly, there are some other sensors present in your phone – the cheaper phones may not only one or two sensors while the expensive ones like the Samsung Galaxy have all the sensors.

There is a simple way to know about all of your phone’s sensors – through the use of the Sensors Multitool. This simple app can show you in depth details about each and every sensor inside the Android phones. It can also tell you if your Android phone is missing any sensors. For example, it did not show any magnetic sensor for my Android phone indicating that my phone does not have any.

Sensors Multitool

For each of the sensors detected in the phone, it displays all the data that the sensor is able to provide. For the sensor inside the phone’s battery it shows the battery charge percentage, battery terminals voltage, and the battery temperature. For the GPS sensor, it shows the data that it fetches from the satellites, namely the latitude and the longitude coordinates as well as the altitudes. The GPS sensor also shows a graphical display of the number of satellites and their signal strength.

Sensors Multitool

In the similar manner, you can access all the sensors from the menu of the app. You can turn on or off these sensors (only the ones that allow to be turned off), take screenshots of the sensors data, and see how all of these are working in your phone.

Conclusion: Sensors Multi-tool is a informative app for the Android phones and can help you find if any of the sensors in your phone is not working properly. It can come handy if you want to quickly find too see the data generated by the phone’s sensors.

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