Reduce Filesize of Images with Caesium Image Compressor

Caesium Image Compressor is a free and open-source image compressing software that claims to be able to compress the file size of the images to as much as the 90% without losing any visible quality of the original images. This is a great tool for all the bloggers and web site owners who have to reduce the image file size before uploading them to the web servers. The benefit of a small image file is that it loads very fast even on slow internet connections. So if you maintain a web site or blog of any kind, then you may benefit from the Caesium Image Compressor and reduce the file size of the images before sharing them online.

This software is available in both the installable format as well as a portable software. The portable edition works on all the versions of Windows and you can keep it on your USB flash pen drive to use it anywhere you want to. The image compressor software opens with a easy to use interface.

Caesium Image Compressor

You start by adding images in the list on the left side. It supports PNG, JPEG, TIFF and other popular image formats. Near the bottom of the window, you can change the compression options – how much compression you want, the quality level, output image format, resizing options, and the output folder. You can also choose to rename the output files to avoid overwriting the original files.

Caesium Image Compressor

For any of these options, you can select any image file from the list and click on the Preview button to see a preview of the compression – how much file size is reduced and how would it look (a preview of the image is displayed on the right side of the window). If you are satisfied with the compression and the image quality then you can click on the Compress button to proceed with the actual image files compression.

Verdict: Caesium Image Compressor is an indispensable program for web designers, bloggers and all the other people who want to share their pictures online. It can reduce the images file size and give a huge compression of 90% without losing the image quality.

You can download the Caesium Image Compressor from